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TX 2023 / 3 x 60" / ITV1 AND ITVX

A Murder in the Family relives three shocking British murders as told by those closest to the tragic events, revealing the killers motives behind their fatal acts.


This brand new three-part series tells the tragic stories of the Fitzgibbons family, Cheryl Hooper and Jennifer Cronin.


The horror of these recent high profile British murders, where the victim and perpetrator are family, delves into why the murders were committed against their own loved ones and what could possibly lead the murderers to these shocking acts of violence.


The films piece together the fatal events directly from the victims point of view, allowing friends and family to tell their stories, placing the viewer at the centre of the emotional anguish of each case.


The extraordinary exclusive access to unseen archive footage illustrates the life of the victims and their devastating fate. Private text conversations, unseen police body cam footage, never before seen home videos and access to their social media channels all depict and uncover the horrendous crimes.


Each stand alone film shows how in some family’s lives, behind the veil of smiling social media posts and daily texts, a true horror story is brewing. These murders aren’t ‘crimes of passion’ but premeditated acts of control, revenge and abuse, leaving behind a family blown apart.


Extraordinarily, crimes such as these are exceptionally common in Britain with around two women murdered every week by their current or ex-partner.

A Murder In the Family is a Knickerbockerglory TV production, commissioned by ITV. Executive Producer is Jonathan Stadlen, Series Producer is Cathy Durbin and Consultant Executive Producer is Jenny Popplewell.

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