jenny popplewell


Jenny has been an Executive Producer at Knickerbockerglory for three and a half years and has only just got around to writing her bio for the website. She blames a hectic home life with three little boys... but really it's because she was reluctant to provide a picture of herself as a child and she's uncomfortable writing in the 3rd person.


Jenny's the lady behind the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding phenomenon.  She pitched her idea for over a year, while securing access to the Traveller community and producing the original Cutting Edge. This film won a cultural diversity award and became the most watched documentary on Channel 4. Jenny went on to direct two series of BAFTA- nominated Gypsy Weddings.  


Her other break out directing success has been BBC 3's 'Jamie Drag Queen at 16', which inspired the West End musical 'Everybodys Talking About Jamie'.


While she's been aboard the good ship Knickerbockerglory, Jenny has got access to and directed the feature doc American Murder: The Family Next Door, come up with and Executive Produced two series of  Gypsy Kids; Our Secret World (Ch5) a festive Gypsy Kids Christmas special, Snatch and Grab: Moped Gangs on the Rampage, Escape From The Secret Sect, Bringing Kia Home, Student Sex Workers, The HospiceFirst Time Call Girl, and The Gypsies Next Door (Ch5).


Her other notable credits include the award winning  'The Autistic Me' (BBC 1), 'Head Over Heels in Rats' (Ch 4), Glamour Model Mum, Baby & Me (BBC 3), and 'Home Delivery' (ITV).


Jenny specialises in access documentaries and loves telling peoples stories.