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inside the mind of agatha christie 

TX 2019 / 1 x 60" / Channel 5

We all know her characters, the incredible plot twists and the dramatic confrontations, but what do we know about the incredible mind of the woman behind them? This documentary will uncover some of the secrets of Agatha Christie's vivid imagination and shockingly dark mind.

With special access to the Agatha Christie vast family archive of notebooks, diaries, letters and never-before-seen documents, Inside The Mind Of Agatha Christie combines expert interviews, personal testimony from family members, specially shot sequences, drama clips and archive to get inside the mind of the world's greatest crime writer of our time.

On an investigative journey that takes us from Torquay to Turkey, and into the mind of Agatha Christie... This film dispels the mysteries surrounding her life and work, explores what her methods were, how and why she wrote and how her mind crafted unpredictable plots, recorded history and above all, entertained.

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