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 2 x 60" / Channel 5

Across the country, thousands of people are building their dream home. And in the process turning their neighbours’ worlds
into living nightmares.  This series follows the emotional fall-out of ambitious construction projects from both sides of the boundary wall, and
across all stages of the building process.


Jon has been self-building a penthouse apartment for over fifteen years. But his neighbours have finally run out of patience
for the building site outside their windows - and are taking action over concerns for the safety of his work.
Sue is under attack for the extension she’s built for her beloved cats. And as neighbours’ objections reach the Local
Authority, she’s locked in a battle to prevent her ‘fur babies’ from losing their home.

Rob has rallied a protesting army of 400 locals, and is on a mission to stop a historic local building being developed into a
home; Stewart and Wendy are convinced their neighbour’s huge extension breaches planning rules, and are taking their
campaign to the very top; and Sajid’s plans to house his entire family in a new 16 bedroom property will never see the light
of day if his outraged neighbours have anything to do with it.

These are the stories of individuals with grand visions, and horrified members of the local community who see them as
unwanted eyesores - and have decided enough is enough.

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