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TX 2019 / 1 x 60" / Channel 5

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Therapist Mandy Saligari has spent her career challenging the perception of addiction.  In this engaging and raw documentary, Mandy aims to break the hardest of addictions - to food.


Mandy visits 48 year old Kara - at her own home - for 5 intensive therapy sessions. Kara weighs 24 stone despite spending most of her life dieting. A single mum to two children, Kara knows there’s a lot at stake, but the trauma of her father’s death from obesity related causes and the breakdown of her marriage has set Kara on a destructive path.

The more time Mandy spends in Kara’s own home, the more she sees that she’s not simply burying her emotions with food. The house is in disrepair - and behind every closed door lie mountains of hoarded painful memories, her bedroom uncleared for years. For Mandy, the state of Kara’s house is a reflection of Kara’s own mental state: to move on, she needs to get rid of the stuff she’s hoarded from her childhood and her former marriage, before it’s too late…

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