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Britain by boat

TX 2018 / 4 x 60" / Channel 5

It’s never too late to take on the adventure of a lifetime. Which is what reunites former Newsreader Michael Buerk and political Journalist John Sergeant after 30 years as they take to the high seas.

The challenge for these two amateur sailors is to explore Britain’s glorious coastline whilst taming the magnificent Bonaventure, a 50-foot traditional yacht. It’s not a voyage for the faint-hearted, as John and Michael navigate labyrinthine sandbanks, treacherous tides and Europe’s busiest shipping lanes.

To buoy their spirits they’ll encounter the best of the British coast – from crab-fishing in Falmouth, to racing dingies near Portsmouth, to joining the RNLI off the picturesque Cornish Coast.

BBB Michael and John on Bonaventure
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