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celebrities in therapy

series 1 - TX 2016 / series 2 - tx 2017 / series 3 - tx 2018 / 17 x 60" / Channel 5

With unprecedented access to their private lives and personal crises, some of the UK's most well known celebrities undergo intensive therapy with one of the country's leading specialists, Mandy Saligari.

In a bid to understand who each celebrity really is, Mandy explores every aspect of their pasts: troubled childhoods and love affairs, infidelity and divorce, abuse and addiction, obsessions with fame and media courtship, the brutality of bankruptcy and career catastrophe.

Filmed via a fixed camera rig, this series combines the privileged intimacy of the therapy room, with interviews from closest family and friends, Celebrities: In Therapy reveal the UK’s best known celebrities as never before.

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