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Dr Amir's Sugar Crash

1 x 60" / Channel 5

In this ground-breaking, one-off documentary, Dr Amir Kahn (GPs: Behind Closed Doors) puts his physical and mental health on the line as he consumes vast amounts of processed sugar, in an attempt to turn himself into a sugar addict!


As a nation, we’re hooked on sugar, and we need to kick the habit, because it’s killing us, and it’s crippling the NHS. A sugar rich, high calorie diet can lead to Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, blindness, cancer, loss of limbs and stroke. And obesity costs the economy a staggering 27 billion pounds every year!  


As a practicing GP, specialising in metabolic diseases, Dr Amir Khan, spends much of his professional life trying to get his patients to consume less sugar, but most of them find it impossible to do so. Why? Could it be that they can’t stop eating sugar, because they’re addicted to it, in the same way that some people are addicted to hard drugs?

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