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first time call girl

TX 2018 / 1 x 60" / Channel 5

Take a peek inside the clandestine world of escorting in this provocative and revealing film.

22-year-old Alexis has told nobody in her life what she's about to do. The camera follows her as she prepares to join one of the UK's largest escort agencies.

After a string of bad online dates she's decided to change her approach. "If I'm going to be sleeping with guys, I want something back". But will Alexis meet Richard Gere types, willing to give her the respect and attention she craves? Or will her first month of escorting be an entirely different experience?

The film also features more experienced escorts who speak candidly about the highs and lows of their profession, from how to stay safe, to stories about their clients' preferences on the job.

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