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 12 x 60" / Channel 5

Gardening expert Carol Klein helps Britain’s gardeners from her own cottage garden in Devon.

This series started off as Gardening with Carol Klein  (2x60') and then Series 2 was Spring Gardening With Carol Klein (5x60') and then Autumn Gardening with Carol Klein (5x60').

Carol has been honing her horticultural skills at Glebe Cottage for more than 40 years.  Week by week, and always working hand in hand with Mother Nature, she explains how she nurtures her own garden throughout the season, and shows us how she carries out seasonal tasks and projects, just at the time when we need to know.

From complete novices to experienced gardeners, Carol will equip you with the skills and inspiration to keep your garden in top condition  - just as it’s happening in your own outdoor space.

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