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The great model railway challenge

SERIES 1 - TX 2018 / SERIES 2 - TX 2019 / 12 x 60" / Channel 5


Coming down the tracks fast, and arriving later this year, this brand new competition focuses on one of Britain’s most popular obsessions – model railways.


For generations, in attics and spare rooms across the UK, breath-taking miniature worlds have been created by a dedicated army of highly skilled amateur craftsman. Now, The Great Model Railway Challenge will give these unsung artisans the chance to fulfil their ultimate funicular and locomotive fantasies, whilst competing against other masters of their craft.


By providing them with resources they’ve only previously dreamt of, teams of train set obsessives will be given the chance to create Britain’s Ultimate Model Railways – with each challenging episode exploring a theme which our modelling teams will interpret in the most exciting and unexpected ways possible. And helping judge these extraordinary miniature worlds will be professional modellers who also share the passion.


Each episode will culminate in a classic ‘reveal’ of these created worlds, before having their supersized model railways scrutinised by the judges. At the end of a six show run, during which the scale and ambition of the builds will be ramped up week by week, the victorious team will be crowned “Britain’s Best Railway Modellers”

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