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tx 2015 / 10 x 30" / e4

how to...

How To… is a brand new fresh take on the user generated clip show. It delivers the best and most enthusiastic of the world’s uploading gurus and experts to help teach How to… do everything from stopping an erection, fighting off zombies, cooking squirrels  and writing a sure-to-pull love ballad.

Divided into 10 easy to follow steps each episode aims to take viewers through to graduating in a brand new skill where they should become experts themselves in things like How to… Pull the date of your dreams, How to… Survive the end of the world, How to… Become Rich and Keep it Real and How to…Impress Your Friends.

Written and voiced by a nobody Youtube obsessive the commentary is naturally funny and casts a Gogglebox type eye over the wonder of the web.

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