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jodie Marsh:

bodybuilder/brawn in the usa

tx 2012 / 2 x 60" / dmax

jodie marsh: bodybuilder

A unique and unlikely insight into the extraordinary world of natural female bodybuilding though the eyes of glamour model Jodie Marsh, as she goes from men’s mag lovely to ripped bodybuilding champion …  in just eight weeks.  Jodie Marsh: Bodybuilder is DMAX’s highest ever rating show, and follows the star on a gruelling two month personal journey to pump iron and participate in a natural bodybuilding competition. 


To do this the former party girl cut out the clubs and the alcohol and embarked on a strict low calorie, high protein diet to reveal just what lengths these competitors go through to get in shape. Jodie’s gruelling gym regime involved training eight hours a day, seven days a week, eating half her recommended daily allowance of calories, ripping every muscle in her body, getting her body fat down from 24% to just 10% and eating 17 carbohydrate heavy meals in the space of 30 hours – while still finding time for an unlikely romance with a fellow bodybuilder.

jodie marsh: brawn in the usa

Having proven that she’s deadly serious about getting ripped, she is now ready to take on her next challenge – the USA.  This one-off special follows Jodie as she pushes herself harder than ever before, and attempts to break the US scene by competing against the best of the best at the INBF (International Natural Bodybuilding Federation) Natural North America Championships.  Jodie has enlisted the help of two of the UK’s best trainers who have between them won more world bodybuilding titles than Jodie has had protein shakes; ex-Pro Bodybuilders, Eddie ‘The Savage’ Abbey and Carmen Knights. Her reputation is on the line, and this time the world is watching.

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