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series 1 - TX 2016 / series 2 - tx 2018 / 9 x 30" / Channel 4 / netflix us

Lookalikes is a fly on the wall comedy following the antics of Britain’s premier lookalikes agency run by long suffering David Beckham impersonator Andy Hamer. Representing everyone from 'David Brent' to 'Gordon Ramsay', or 'Robert De Niro' to 'Rolf Harris', Andy is constantly having to keep his talent roster up to date, find fresh talent,  fight celebrity fires and bring in more work. Just like their celebrity doppelgangers, lookalikes aren't the most straightforward people to manage, and every job brings high drama, difficult clients and some questionable management decisions.   In the same way that the lookalikes don't know where their personalities end, and those of their celebrity alter-egos begin, this series doesn't know where reality stops and comedy begins.  It's a unique reality-comedy hybrid unlike anything else you've ever seen.

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