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tx 2016 / 1 x 60" / sky 1

louie spence: taxi driver

Five years on from his break-out appearance in Pineapple Dance Studios, international TV celebrity Louie Spence has found that his showbusiness bookings have somewhat slowed down, so he's landed himself a prestigious new job 'just as an insurance policy' – driving a mini cab around Harlow in Essex.

To prepare for this momentous change in career, Louie has taken a real minicab driving test, got himself a proper private operators license and been offered a real job by Metro Cars in Harlow - where he is preparing to launch himself onto an unsuspecting local public as a regular taxi driver.  

Louie will be picking up and dropping off real punters, sometimes following them on to interesting jobs, nights out or events - whether that's attending football training at Harlow Town FC, taking part in an amateur wrestling tournament or performing at the local retirement home.  Add in to this the potential for the odd celebrity passenger, a tempestuous and often flirtatious relationship with Metro cars' radio dispatch operator and the day to day shenanigans of a real-life taxi office, and you've got a recipe for a joyous and fun mix of real-world actuality and Louie's traditional break out 'happenings'.

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