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me & my...

series 1 - TX 2016 / series 2 tx 2018 / 7 x 60" + 1 x 90" / Channel 5

Told straight into camera by real people, these brave and resonant stories help us explore the reality of our topics: what drives someone to starve themselves to the point of hospitalisation? How does it feel to live life at the mercy of voices in your head? Why are people unfaithful? How does it feel to have a “different” body or face, in a society increasingly obsessed with looks?


Free from voiceover, these heart-breaking and humorous films encourage the audience to reserve judgment and listen to our interviewees as they share the reality of battling their own demons and others' prejudices.

In 2017 we were thrilled to receive a Mind Media Award for Best Documentary for "Me and My Mental Illness".


series 1

series 2

Following the critically acclaimed and highly emotive Me and My, a second series of three uniquely frank films based around eminently relatable, human stories. In this new series, we hear from both celebrities and everyday people alike, as each film tackles fresh subject matter - difficult, but resonant to us all.

Me and My Mental Health tells the story of how it feels to wage a daily battle with your own mind, featuring the brave stories of people living with schizo-affective disorder, bi-polar disorder, OCD, suicidal thoughts, crippling depression and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Me and My Alcohol Addiction tells the frank story of 8 people - both celebrities and civilians - and their tempestuous relationship with alcohol: from their first drink, their love affair with booze and their despair as they hit rock bottom, to what it took to get sober and build a new life in recovery.

The final film, Me and My Addiction, our cast share their stories of falling prey to other addictive drugs - for many of them, their stories reveal how a seemingly harmless recreational habit became something darker, almost without them noticing, until it was too late. For others, legal highs and prescription drugs took them down a path they could never have anticipated - with a horrifying realisation that medical resources weren't set up to help them.

A series is as much about the struggle as it is hope, it will take us into the heart of society's most prevalent but misunderstood afflictions.

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