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TX 2016 / 1 x 60" / e4

Strange noises at night, unusual activity in your home, things not where they are supposed to be ... meet the Polterguest! 

This all-new ‘secret gameshow’ sees a group of mates spend four days in a house of horrors rigged with remote cameras, and a twist. The house is actually being haunted by one of their friends… the Polterguest, who will win a cash prize for remaining undetected.


Notorious internet pranksters TGFbro oversee the mayhem while setting the Polterguest a series of challenges. They’ve been given free rein to create maximum chaos in the house, with jaw-dropping results.


A group of six student pals think they have volunteered for a social experiment to live without tech and social media. But there’s skullduggery afoot! Unbeknownst to them, another of their friends is… the Polterguest. 


He is hiding in the broom cupboard while the house is oblivious to his presence. The longer the Polterguest goes undetected the more money he’ll win. But he can’t just stay put. To win the cash, he’ll need to scavenge for supplies, steal food, smuggle in celebrity guest Amy Childs and attempt to spook his friends by convincing them the house is haunted. Will he succeed in going without being rumbled to win the cash prize?

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