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tx 2015 / 12 x 30" / bbc three

south side story

South Side Story is a new take on the traditional structured reality show.  Focusing on a group of 18-25 year olds who who live in South London, this series will give voice to a world and culture rarely represented on mainstream television.  But that’s not the only voice we’ll be hearing, as two or three times per show, our real-life cast will express themselves in song – bursting into some of the UK’s best-loved commercial tracks.

South London has a soul like no other - diverse, honest and very funny – and we’re going to use this world as the stage for a truly revolutionary structured reality series with a knock-out cast of contributors – from Gilly, Levi and Fayy (partners in their own South London dance group), to sassy South London DJ Yinka, or aspiring actress Shahnequa to up-and-coming singer Ny and her loveable radio presenter friend Mim and personal trainer Alaric.

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