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stage school

series 1 - TX 2016 / series 2 - tx 2017 / 60 x 30" / E4

Stage School is a structured-reality series that follows the lives of the students and teachers at the prestigious D&B Academy of Performing Arts in Bromley. Going behind the scenes of a real-life stage school, we'll witness an all-singing, all-dancing rollercoaster journey of auditions, love affairs and jazz hands. We'll follow our pupils attending West End auditions and putting on showcases to try and make their dreams of fame a reality. This series rips back the curtain on the blood, sweat and tears needed to make it in the world of show business, brought to exhilarating life by breakout song-and-dance routines all performed by the talented pupils. Their lives are not a rehearsal – every moment is a performance.

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