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TX 2020 / 3 x 60" / Channel 4

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Strictly Street Dance sees three of the most talented European dancers take on a global quest to find the beating heart and cultural roots of indigenous street dance. 


Our cast will see life through the eyes of those they dance with: where poverty and political repression is the norm, where dance has been driven underground for being too ‘anarchic, liberated, controversial’, and where the legacy of slavery and oppression still casts a livid shadow over everyday life. 


To honour the stories they hear, our cast will learn the moves they witness, and pay tribute to each culture by choreographing and performing routine to an audience of the people they’ve met. Maren, Suzette and Kymberlee Jay may be some of the best in the business back in Europe, but these dances are no mean feat – and each has a complex legacy, loaded with emotional, personal stories, and history. 

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