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tx 2013 / 3 x 60" / tlc

superstars & superfans

Ostensibly Superstars and Superfans is a straight observational documentary following the UK’s most dedicated and obsessed celebrity fans. People like Phillip, who has every piece of Tony Christie memorabilia going… including a Tony Christie burp, preserved in a jar. Or Mandy, whose body – and car – is covered in pictures of Shane Richie. However, we also follow the lives of the celebs these superfans are obsessed by – giving us a chance to see some of our nation’s most infamous personalities in a completely different light. 

For example, we see cage-fighter Alex Reid being knighted by Druids at Stonehenge and hip-hop legend Coolio rapping while getting a colonic in Las Vegas. But the final genre-bending twist is that once or twice each show, the lives of the celebrity and the fan collide in scripted and comedic ways. So for example, we see Alex Reid becoming a superhero on the streets with one of his young fans. Or Paul Burrell coming out of the closet with two of his most ardent fans in their bedroom.

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