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 1x60" / ITV2

This new film explores the case of Molly McLaren, a 23 year-old woman who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend Joshua Stimpson in 2017.


This documentary provides insight into a relationship, which began after meeting on Tinder, but was ended by Molly following a few months of dating as Joshua grew more controlling.   An avid social media user, Molly documented their relationship on her own platforms, but social media not only played a role in bringing these two individuals together but also served as a tool for the culprit to track her movements. 


In a disturbing turn of events, Joshua began to harass Molly on Facebook - posting derogatory messages and photos. Molly informed both the police and the social media platform in question, however, in a horrific final development, Molly’s ex-boyfriend followed her and murdered her in a car park outside her gym. 


Molly's family and friends speak powerfully to build up a compelling and intimate timeline of what went wrong and when. And wherever possible, Molly’s story is told using her own voice - via her social media posts and text messages. 


In the wake of Molly’s murder, no laws or policies have changed. Today, Molly’s family would like her story to highlight the potential dangers of social media as questions are raised on what platforms can do to protect users and ultimately prevent further tragedy.

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