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tx 2014 / 5 x 60" / sky 1

twin towns

Twin Towns is a factual series which digs beneath the skin of US and UK culture. Each week, two very different families who live in ‘twin towns’ partake in a complete cultural swap for one week. In each episode, we will will take a different family from a UK town, and swap their entire life with that of a family who live in their city’s twinned town. They won’t just be swapping houses; they’ll be swapping jobs, schools, cars, friends, clothes and food. This life exchange will kick start a fascinating journey of cultural and emotional discovery for both families, while giving them a chance to see their own culture through the eyes of an objective observer.

Twin Towns will also give viewers the opportunity to explore a different culture and lifestyle, while also discovering what they like so much about their own.  Social networking and cheap air travel may have put the kibosh on ‘town twinning’ in recent years, but under our production team’s sensitive and scholarly stewardship we hope that this proud tradition will be reinvigorated in spectacular fashion.

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